History Bowl Makes History


Henry Brandler, Staff Reporter

On December 12, students participated in the 9th annual history bowl in classrooms from 3:15 to 6:45. Every participant was required to answer three rounds of questions, each having a different amount of points.
The Patriots got their second team win this year after their victory in the 7th annual history bowl. The team was made up of juniors Spencer Conrad, Ben Koff, Sebastian Fisher, Padraig Pearlman, Pierre Caillate, and Luke Reiche. It was close, with The Patriots beating Full Metal Juice Box 170-150 to win. 16 teams participated this year.
In the first round, descriptions were given of a certain person or events. Teams could guess before the speaker was done describing it, but if they got it wrong, they could not guess again. The lightning round was next. The losing team had to pick from three topics of questions. There were eight questions for each topic and teams had one minute to answer. The other team could answer any missed questions. In the third round, teams were also listening to a description of an event or a person.
…..The tradition of the history bowl started in 2014 and over the years, the bowl has become a big event. Last year, the Prehistoric Predators came out as the champions, and 80 people participated in the competition.
…..The event is an opportunity for students who are passionate about history to showcase their abilities and learn more about history in general.
….“The goal of the History Bowl is for students to engage in healthy academic competition and to learn more about all aspects of history in the process,” said Mr. Sirico, the teacher overseeing the event.