TV Review: Ginny and Georgia

Hannah Steinberg, News Editor

The release of season two of Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia elicited a powerful emotional response in viewers and took them along on the character’s journeys as they navigated love, friendship, and harmony with each other. Differing from the first season, this season honed in on Ginny and Georgia’s relationship more than ever as well as mental health issues that each of the characters battle with throughout the season. Although it may be triggering for some viewers, the show beautifully addresses and raises awareness for important issues. Ginny’s mental health journey and her fight against the racism arising in her school are shown front and center. I think it is safe to say for all viewers that although watching their struggles can be tough and depressing, it is refreshingly real to display authentic and deep struggles of teenagers.

This season focuses on Ginny and Georgia’s platonic and romantic relationships with others. I enjoy how this show conveys their ever changing and realistic mom and daughter relationship, which is unlike similar shows such as Gilmore Girls. The relationship is raw, rocky, and at times horrifying, but I am grateful for the expression of a candid and non-artificial relationship on TV. Georgia’s narrative showcases her engagement with Paul, budding friendship with Cynthia, relationship with her other child, rebuilding her friendship with Ellen, and continuing a healthy relationship with Zion in wake of his jealousy over Paul. Many new and potential couples are introduced this season, adding to the plot and suspense. Additionally, I appreciated the in-depth emotions of many characters who were otherwise ignored in the last season. The combination of all these factors adds immensely to the plot.

Furthermore, this season shies away from some of the cheesy and weird aspects of the first season such as dance numbers, music, and odd pop culture references. The season does include comedy, but it is not too over the top being perfectly intertwined within the intense plot lines. Instead of making me drown in second-hand embarrassment, this season had me on the edge of my seat as many plot twists were developed throughout the show and truths were uncovered, wrecking relationships. To top it off, the season ended with a shocking cliffhanger that has me anxiously but excitedly awaiting the third season which Netflix has already confirmed.