Athlete of the Issue: Nick Massregli


Gabby Ahitow, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Junior, Nick Massaregli has become one of the easiest players to spot on the field, not only because of his athletic talents but also because of the bright pink gloves, worn to support his mom. 

About five years ago, Massaregli’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and she fought her way to recovery. The gloves are a tribute to his mom and remind Massaregli of who he is playing for on the field. 

“They’re really just for my mom,” said Massaregli. “I just do everything for my family.” 

Massaregli has been a rock-solid player for Pelham football, despite it being his first season on varsity. Ten years ago, Massaregli began his football career, making his way through youth football, modified, JV, and almost played varsity last year. A very diverse player, he plays wide receiver, cornerback, kick returner, and punt returner all first string. 

While Massaregli has had immense success on the field, his home life has had its ups and downs. Last fall, his sister underwent multiple surgeries and football soon became more than just a sport to the young athlete but was a much-needed outlet. 

“Last year on JV, my sister was in the hospital during the season,” said Massaregli, “So it just kind of took my mind off everything.” 

At the beginning of the season, Nick approached his mom about buying the pick gloves and she was completely on board with the idea. However, after Pelham’s first few games, Massaregli’s coaches told him that his gloves violated Pelham football’s dress code. 

“You’ll see other teams wearing one sock up and one sock down,” said Massaregli. “Our coaches are like we got to wear both up. We could have arm sleeves and everything that matches the jersey.” 

October, being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nick is sporting the pink gloves with permission from his coaches. 

It can be said that Nick, through all his hardships, still has maintained a positive attitude and looks forward to continuing his football career in Pelham and maybe even in college.

“These memories, they’re never gonna happen again,” said Massaregli. “So for my first year on varsity, you gotta make the most out of it.”