Olympics Preview


Gabby Ahitow, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The infamous Pelham Memorial High School Olympics are just around the corner, taking place on March 10. The senior class aims to win the trophy while the freshmen experience their first act of team building as a grade. 

Various new events are being included this year for students to partake in such as: Red Light Green Light, Puzzles, Freeze Dance, and the Video Game Tournament which will be sponsored by the Video Game Club. Students can sign up for the various events on the Google form posted on their grade Google Classroom. 

The themes for each grade are as follows, fifties freshmen, SOS sophomores, jedi juniors, and sightseeing seniors. These themes were established during the Student Association meeting on January 19, after a series of Google forms had been administered by grade SA members.  

The t-shirt colors for each grade were determined at the February 2 SA meeting. Freshmen will be pink, sophomores are red, juniors are dark purple, and seniors will be wearing black. 

Dress-up days for each grade were announced at the grade assemblies on February 1, with the freshman dressing up on Monday and so on. The week will end with the seniors dressing up on Thursday. Students should continue to adhere to the school dress code and those who dress up should report to the main gym after school to earn points for their grade and take a picture. 

Preliminaries are being held in the days leading up to March 10, and that schedule and a silly walk practice schedule will be released soon.

As done in the past students will be required to report their attendance during scheduled time slots to earn points for their grades. 

The can drive ended on February 14 and the SA will be counting the number of cans to contribute to each grade’s Olympic points. All cans will be donated to Feeding Westchester. Pelham is notorious for donating the most cans out of all participating schools.