Preview: Baseball


Emma Laskaj

Matt Michailoff, Features Editor, Junior

…..The varsity boys baseball team is looking to bounce back strong for the 2023 season after an under par season last year. The team is looking bright with 7 senior leaders who look to create a standard of excellence and enforce a positive team mindset.
…..The team began practicing for the season on March 13, but their preparation for a successful spring began far before that. This included multiple fundraisers, meetings, and planning for their training trip to Disney in Orlando. Head Coach Leighton hopes that the trip will unify the players and create a greater sense of belonging among athletes.
…..“At the end of the day none of these guys will remember the wins and losses, but they will remember their teammates,” said Leighton. “Which ones pushed them to be the best they could be, which ones had their back, which ones were there for them when they were struggling, the guy who took the time to help someone out with their swing, the guy who says don’t worry, get the next one after a failure.”
…..The team will play one game, seven scrimmages and have two practices over their Orlando trip and visit the Disney parks in the evenings, preparing them for their tough season to come. It is also a good way for the coaches to better understand the players.
…..The pitching staff shows promise this year. It includes hurlers Henry Kagan, Alex Esteverena, and Cooper Winburn on the mound and two skilled catchers, Luke Green and Jeremey Leak. With a stacked, well-rounded team of batters and defensive players, the team will easily power through their games and have a successful season and postseason.