Munch with Matt: Tillamook Ice Cream


Matt Michailoff, Features Editor, Junior

…..For over a century, Oregon based dairy company Tillamook has provided consumers with quality dairy products, including cheeses, yogurt, and their well-known, old fashioned ice cream. The farmer owned company is also a B Corp, showcasing its commitment to excellence and promise to the environment. With an astounding 28 premium ice cream flavors and six custards, Tillamook is sure to please. Ranging from simple vanilla and chocolate flavors to Marionberry Pie and Oregon Hazelnut Salted Caramel, Tillamook’s creamy, blissful combinations are delightful.
…..Since Tillamook has risen in popularity, I’ve tried the flavors Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Tillamook Mudslide. Cookies and Cream was the first flavor I tried, and the amazing combination of crushed chocolate cookies and vanilla ice cream was the best attempt at this flavor I have tasted. The chocolate tasted real and accompanied the smooth vanilla flavor well. Unlike different ice cream brands, Tillamook manages to execute various flavors, while not losing the character of their decadent ice cream.
…..I will group Rocky Road and Tillamook Mudslide since they have the same chocolate base. The chocolate ice cream alone blew me away and the add-ins helped elevate it to another level. Specifically, the marshmallows in the Rocky Road were soft and added a satisfying texture. The Mudslide is perfect for chocolate lovers.
…..Finally, the White Chocolate Raspberry was a standout among these flavors with a refreshing fruit flavor and a simple combination. They were generous with the raspberry ripple which made for a consistent and delicious dessert.
…..I also tried a few of the Tillamook cheeses including the shredded mozzarella, sliced swiss, and sharp cheddar. All three of these were very creamy and versatile, and they will easily bring dishes like sandwiches, pasta dishes, and quesadillas to the next level. All in all, for only a slight price increase from brands like Turkey Hill and Breyer’s, Tillamook is well worth it. It is comparable to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream which is much more expensive and also a B Corp, but possibly even better. It’s perfect consistency and flavor make it incredibly good.