Leaked Video Heightens Conflict Between Ukraine And Russia

Hannah Steinberg, News Editor

With February twenty-fourth being the one-year anniversary of the tragic invasion of Ukraine, the war is dominating the media less and less. However, many noteworthy events have transpired recently or will occur in the coming weeks that have and will impact the state and progress of the war.

A new Russian offensive attack is presumed to occur later this month leading to heavy preparation and motivation to repair current situations that have the Ukrainian army weakened. In order to be prepared and well-equipped for the speculated attack, Western weaponry is on its way to Ukraine. The defense minister assured that troops will start training on German-made Leopard tanks on Monday. Furthermore, Ukraine has negotiated the supply of new long-range missiles with a 90-mile range, however, they are only to be used against Russian units in occupied areas of Ukraine.

Mr. Reznikov, the Ukrainian foreign minister stated that this attack is expected to be aimed at taking the whole of the eastern Donbas region to create a land corridor across the areas it occupies, including Crimea. The Russians would accomplish such a plan by launching offensives in the south and east of Ukraine.

On the eastern front lines, the situation has intensified and worsened, something that President Zelensky recently declared. The Ukrainian troops are facing especially tough situations in the heavily impugned towns in Donetsk: Vuhledar, Lyman, and Bakhmut where the soldiers are becoming isolated. In Bakhmut, there are battles everywhere due to Russia’s continued determination to seize control of the town, despite the months of fighting this battle. Their will to gain control of Bakhmut has made it the longest battle yet in the war. Currently, the two main roads into Bakhmut are threatened by direct fire by Russia’s paramilitary mercenary group, Wagner, which has led much of the fighting in this area. Nonetheless, Ukrainian forces have yet to back down and are still “fighting to the last’’. Taking this area is essential in furthering Russia’s goal to control the Donbas region in the east and would convey a turnaround in Russia’s success in wake of its losses of land in recent months.

Elsewhere, in the north-eastern city of Kharkiv, five people are wounded due to strikes hitting civilian buildings in the city. Additionally, there were five more injuries in the Donetsk region during rocket attacks.

As Ukraine continues to fight on in this seemingly never-ending battle and quest to preserve and safeguard democracy, other democratic nations continue to stand in support and prayer for the success and safety of Ukraine.