Gracie Abrams Rocks The Stage During The Tour Of Her New Album


Hannah Steinberg, News Editor

On February 24th, 2023, American Indie singer and songwriter, Gracie Abrams, released her first in-depth debut studio album, Good Riddance. Accompanying her release of this album, she embarked on an international tour beginning March 7th, 2023.

This album is powerful, deep, and beautifully written, speaking to her journey in young adulthood as she navigates friendships, change, and love. Her music draws from Taylor Swift’s influence in their narratives, poetry of the verses, and heartfelt melodies. Listening to the album, I could hear her profound recollection of past experiences and emotions, especially heartbreak. Some of her songs sound familiar, but the lyrics and stories are anything but that. My favorite part about the album is that in every song she has a bridge or a verse that is upbeat, passionate, and “screamable” amidst the mellow and melancholy sound of the rest of the song. I find it easy to relate to a lot of her songs as they apply to being a teenager and young woman who is growing up and finding oneself while simultaneously navigating life’s adversities. Many artists are a lot older than me or are at different stages in their lives which makes Gracie’s music closer to my heart as listening to it helps me to feel understood and comfortable with myself.

Furthermore, I attended her show at House of Blues in Boston Mar 12, 2023, as part of her official Good Riddance tour. She was an electric yet intimate performer. Although I thought she was incredibly talented beforehand and loved her songs, seeing it all live made me feel even more strongly about it. She made all her fans including myself who were in attendance feel as if we were friends in her sharing of anecdotes and casual chat. She had a very humble and down-to-earth attitude, displaying her gratitude for her fanbase and opportunities. Although she is a “nepotistism baby,” she acknowledges that she has had an advantage in the industry, but still has worked to where she is today.

During the show, she sang as well as played guitar and piano, an impressive trio. She had an amazing and positive energy that was contagious and made me happy to be there in her presence. She was so kind to all of her fans constantly singling individuals who had made her feel welcome out, making them feel recognized and appreciated. Gracie is unlike a lot of other singers I have seen in concert in that she cared less about having a flamboyant and over the top show, but instead in the relationship she was building with the audience and the intimacy of the show. The venue was amazing and pretty cozy, helping to make everyone feel close to her and a part of the verbal hug she shared through her music. During one of her final acts, a girl next to me fainted, but Gracie was very attentive and responsive to this situation and made sure the fan was okay, calm, and comforted, offering her a place to rest backstage for the duration of the show or until she felt better.

Overall, both the album and the tour are experiences that have changed me and brought me great joy. I highly recommend everyone to give the album a listen and see her on tour if possible before it ends, in order for you as well to witness this magnificent art.