TV Review: AHS

Matt Michailoff, Features Editor, Junior

Considering how long the anthology season has been running and prior seasons setting such high standards, fans did not know what to expect with American Horror Story Season 11. Season 10: Double Feature was a let down and was not a satisfying return to the show after a 2 year hiatus since season 9: 1984. However, Season 11 came back strong with an entertaining plot and a nailbiting story.

Set in 1960’s Manhattan, AHS: NYC brings a twisted murder mystery to life, including clever plot twists and well-developed characters. Patrick Read (Russell Tovey) and his love interest Gino Barelli (Joe Mantello) capture the intensity and raw emotion of their rules. Among a bloody plot and devastating losses to their community, the acting keeps the plot from being choppy or over the top.

Familiar faces including Denis O’Hare, Billie Lourd, and Leslie Grossman returned this season and kept the spirit of the original cast alive. However, the first time cast members managed to make the plot still feel authentic.

This season did have flaws. Several episodes were prolonged and did not add quality to the plot. Despite there being some very entertaining moments, much of the season felt unnecessary. In turn, there were plot holes that remain unexplained. Nonetheless, the captivating moments and strong acting allowed this season to remain engaging.

Compared to the other 10 seasons, AHS: NYC stands towards the middle of my list. It is definitely the best installment of the show since 2019. I appreciated the depth of the season. As of now, my favorite season of American Horror Story remains Apocalypse.

I recommend the show to anyone interested in horror or drama. Each season contains its own plot which allows viewers the luxury of skipping around. Some seasons including apocalypse and freak show intertwine nicely with each other, which makes them feel nostalgic. The next season of American Horror Story will premiere in the Summer.