D.I.Y: Do it Yourself Holiday Gift Ideas


Julia Kaplansky, Junior

A “spa” jar helps a friend to pamper themself.

Julia Kaplansky, Junior, Staff Reporter

With the holidays approaching, it’s important that you have a gift for those on your “nice list.” Traditions like “Secret Santa” can require a lot of money, a challenge for students on a budget. Here are some gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on his or her face, without bankrupting you!

Want to spread the love to your friends? Fill a jar with 100 slips of paper, each with a different reason someone matters to you. If you’re ever in a fight, remind them to read a slip, so they never forget that you care.

Add a little music to someone’s life by giving them some cool earbuds so they can jam in style.

With the dry, cold weather coming, who couldn’t use a spa night? Give someone a pamper jar! Pack a moisturizing face mask and some nail polish in a cool jar. For those cold, snowy nights, include a cute pair of fuzzy socks! Decorate with a candy cane.

For those nights you need to stay up late to finish last minute papers, caffeinate! Give the gift of energy with a mug-a-love. Pick out a festive coffee cup and fill it with Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards. Throw in some instant hot chocolate packets for variety. Wrap it with clear wrapping paper and tie with a festive ribbon.

Shoveling snow or spending the day sledding can be tough on your hands. Make a DIY peppermint sugar scrub to ensure soft hands all winter long, using just a few ingredients. Combine 1 cup of white sugar, ⅓ cup of coconut oil and 22 drops of peppermint essential oil, until smooth and granular. For that holiday spunk, separate the scrub into two bowls and dye one red and the other green. Swirl the two colors together for a festive scrub!