Club Traditions Abound at PMHS


Kate Soifer, Senior

Mr. Beck and Mr. Schleifer (center r and l) gather the cast of Sock ‘n’ Buskin’s FOOLS into the dressing room to join hands and pass “energy” around the circle before a performance.

Kate Soifer, Senior, Co-Editorial Director

There are dozens of clubs here at PMHS, some of which have existed for decades. Aside from each club’s unique purpose, many of these clubs have unique customs and traditions that bring their members closer together.

The cast of each Sock ‘n’ Buskin show finds a way to unite through their love of theater, and share a few backstage traditions. Before each show the entire cast gathers in one of the dressing rooms and joins hands in a circle. They send energy, in the form of a squeeze of the hand, around the circle to show that the show is a communal experience and that they all need to share and build upon one another’s energy in order to tell the story. They also share the tradition of breaking bread together. After the night of the first show, the entire cast goes to the New Rochelle Diner to eat and celebrate their success. After the second performance, there is a party, usually hosted by a senior. For the last show, the cast heads to Rockwells for a final dinner together. These traditions give Sock ‘n’ Buskin members a chance to reminisce about rehearsals, laugh at the mishaps that inevitably occurred, and grow nostalgic knowing that they will never put on this exact show with this exact cast again.

Senior Will Shelton, an avid Sock ‘n’ Buskin member said, “I felt welcomed by the group back in freshman year. We try to carry on the tradition of making everyone feel welcome and just have a good time.”

The Community Care Club (CCC) is a branch of an outside program run by Lori Carlton centered around helping adolescents who are struggling with drug and alcohol issues. One of CCC’s most cherished traditions is the “Buddy Bunch.” “Buddy Bunch” is an event held once a month where the students in Foundations of Learning share a meal with CCC members. Sometimes the members of the CCC and Foundations of Learning will participate in a basketball game together in the high school gym. This Halloween, Buddy Brunch led special activities like drawing masks to wear when trick-or-treating and decorating paper pumpkins.

Club traditions make their members feel welcome, and create memories, bonds and experiences that will not be forgotten.