Sounds Like Chicken’s For Dinner!

The Opening of Sound Chicken


Gabby Ahitow, Managing Editor, Freshman

What sounds better than sitting at home with chicken tenders, fries, and your favorite show? Absolutely nothing. But you don’t want just boring chicken, you want something to spice it up. On January 30, local business owner Clayton Bushong’s new restaurant SoundChicken opened up. The restaurant’s menu is solely made up of chicken and fries. They offer chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, fries, and buffalo fries, but their biggest seller seems to be the combination of the sauces you can choose from for the chicken tenders. Earlier this week I went and checked out the restaurant looking for an affordable, new lunch option to add to my rotation of restaurants.  

The restaurant’s interior seems to be going for an industrial vibe but the decor is very plain with little to nothing hung on the walls. There isn’t much indoor seating and no outdoor seating, which was fine for me because I was just picking up food. It was a fast pick-up process but the one thing that did bother me was the music. With The guy talking to me at the cash register, I  honestly had a hard time hearing them because of the music busting. 

My dad, mom, and I ordered chicken tenders, fries, buffalo fries, a regular chicken sandwich, and a spicy chicken sandwich. For sauces, we got “The Ranch”, “Buffalo Springfield”, and “Sound Sauce”. Now I kind of made a mistake ordering the buffalo sauce considering there were also buffalo fries. The chicken was definitely good. It wasn’t soggy or too dry. The bread had its own flavor that mixed great with any of the sauces. For the chicken sandwiches, the chicken was the same as the tenders and the addition of pickles made the sandwiches even more flavorful. The biggest disappointment was the spicy chicken sandwich, which ended up not being that spicy. I think that restaurants have the problem of packaging up fries for takeout, the fries tend to be soggy. The fries are not mind-blowing, they’re just decent. I did however really enjoy the buffalo fries. The buffalo fries had a similar buffalo sauce to the one I picked out and had melted cheese layered on top. The actual fries were still just decent but were much more flavorful with the sauce and cheese.

If you are a high schooler looking for a new lunch option I don’t think this is it. The inconvenient location of the restaurant would make for a far trek to get lunch. The pricing might be a little more expensive for a high school student on a budget. SoundChicken would be a great place to stop for an early lunch before a sports practice or late-night study session.