PCRA Fundraiser


Chinemere Njoku, Photos Editor, Sophomore

The Pelham Rowing Association, open since 2003, is a rowing club for both boys and girls of all ages. Rowing is a team oriented sport that requires athletes to push themselves to their fullest. The club recently had a fundraiser where they rowed to Larchmont Breakwater Harbor from Glen Island and back, a full 12k. 

They had the fundraiser so that they could raise money to fill the boathouse with equipment for the athletes. The fundraiser is also to provide new seats in the boats and help give rowing scholarships to athletes. Since equipment in this sport is expensive, PCRA really wanted to provide their athletes top of the line equipment so they could access their full potential. 

Rachel Gabbay, coach of the Varsity Girls Rowing Team who helped lead the fundraiser, has been rowing for 19 years and coaching at PCRA since August 2020 . Gabby said, “We want to utilize and teach them that winning is about who you become in the process, the impotence, the heart, ambition, respect, and discipline of rowing, and to recognize and respect the value of my mentorship in their lives.” She encourages more athletes all over Westchester to join PCRA, “because we are a family oriented team, we focus on meeting the athletes where they are and developing them other than just using pure selection.”