What NOT to do in the Morning

What NOT to do in the Morning

Chinemere Njoku, Photo Editor, Sophmore

The morning is probably the most annoying time for a student. Some of us can get up bright and early, still managing to make it to school on time. Others , those like me, choose other avenues. It’s your lucky day, I’m going to tell you what not to do in the morning.

1. Do not wake up at 8 in the morning.

2. Do not set an alarm for 8:05, it’s a very bad idea. You will not wake up.

3. Do not set one for 8:06 either. Just don’t.

4. Do not rush to find clothes. Pick your outfits the night before, I think it’s better to show up in sneakers than socks and sandals when you have PE.

5. Do not forget your keys.  

6. Do not forget said keys 2 weeks in a row. It’s very cold.

7. Do not forget your notebook the day of  a test.

8. Do not obsess over the fact that you may have left the water running, you probably didn’t.  You’ve already forgotten your keys, and you’re late, just don’t do it.   

9. Lastly, don’t run up the stairs once you finally get to school. You’re going to look like you just ran a marathon when you get to class, the hallways are hot very hot, and when you rush up those stairs and accidentally slip in front of two sixth graders it will be pretty humiliating.