Prehistoric Predators take home the victory at History Bowl 2021


Chinemere Njoku, Photo Editor, Sophmore

The annual History Bowl was held on December 12 from 3:15-5:15, but with some aggressively competitive teams the action extended through 6:30. Students competed throughout classrooms 122, 124, 126, and 128. Eight teams coming from different grades engaged in heated history trivia battles, each round more tense than the last. There were student judges and point keepers who led the flow of the competition, making sure there was no foul play. These judges were senior members of the Rho Kappa Honor Society. Points were given to teams who answered questions correctly about subjects ranging from Calvin Coolidge to the kind of metal used in Olympic gold medals (it’s silver). Though the competition was tough, a team of all seniors, the Prehistoric Predators, took the victory.

A team of all seniors, the Prehistoric Predators, won the 2021 History Bowl. The members of this group were Matthew McCormick, Stephen Liaskos, Sachet Jain, Jackson Shampanier-Bowen, Eric Soderberg, and Mark Tarazi. This team specifically has placed 2nd in every History Bowl since their freshman year, and they were excited to finally take 1st.

Members of the team stated that they strongly owe their success to Mr. Kelly who teaches Global History and Geography Honors. Maybe a new group of students will win next year to interrupt the legacy of upperclassmen dominating the Bowl, but this year the Prehistoric Predators feel that their victory was earned.

The History Bowl is a competition where teams of history buffs answer questions in three rounds. The three rounds included buzz-in questions, lightning questions, and another round of buzz-in questions with modifications to the point system. This year, the bowl got very intense when seniors who knew their history began dominating the rounds. All’s Quiet on the Balkan Front beat out last year’s champions, The Patriots, after senior Ulysses Conrad answered a thirty-point question on war bonds. This victory propelled them to the finals where they faced off against the Prehistoric Predators, who took home the prize.