Holiday Gift Preference Poll

Chinemere Njoku, Photo Editor, Sophomore

Holiday Gift Preferences

Most people like getting gifts. But now that Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ōmisoka, & Pancha Ganapati have passed, there aren’t many gift-giving holidays left! We were wondering which gifts are you most looking forward to giving/receiving for the rest of the year?

144 students responded to this poll. Here’s what they had to say about the gifts they hope for:

18.9%              An Easter Basket for Easter

16.8%              A Heart-shaped Box of Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

14.7%              A Shamrock Shake for St. Paddy’s Day

11.2%              A Giant Chocolate Bunny for Easter

7%                   Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

5.6%                Flowers for Valentine’s Day

4.2%                A Romantic Dinner for Valentine’s Day

4.2%                Rainbow Jellybeans for Easter

3.5%                A Stuffed Leprechaun for St. Paddy’s Day

14% had other response. Some didn’t celebrate any of these holidays, but others were hoping for “a car” (we’d like to meet the Valentine who’d get us that!), cash (see previous response), and a single snickers bar (now that’s love on a budget!)

It’s also interesting to note that just as many people would prefer a jar of jellybeans as would like a romantic dinner for two, so maybe it’s really true: it’s the thought that counts!