PMHS Olympics Postponed Until June 10



Jetset Juniors posing during PMHS 2019 Olympics

Chinemere Njoku, Photo Editor, Sophomore

The PMHS Olympics has been a Pelham tradition since 1977. The Olympics is a battle of strength, ingenuity and talent pitting all four grades against one another. Usually held early spring, this year it was postponed to June 10, due to COVID concerns.

Last year, Olympics took place in April during the hybrid year, with Cohorts A and B competing on separate days. Some complained that this diluted the feeling of camaraderie.

This year, Mr. Berkowitz and the Olympics planning committee decided to move the Olympics to June, both to avoid a hybrid-style Olympics again and to allow Olympic events to take place outside, socially distanced.

Hopefully, by June, COVID will be a thing of the past, and Olympics will give students a chance to once again celebrate together.