SA Holds Snow Sculpture Contest


Chinny Njoku

Juniors Naiya Gonzales Breen, Annabelle Hochberg, Sarah Tapogna, and Clare Pachuta craft the winning entry.

Chinemere Njoku, Photo Editor, Sophomore

On January 31, the SA and adviser Ms. Rice held a snow sculpture contest on Ingalls Field  to take advantage of the beautiful snow outside and help the PMHS students have some fun after school. The contest was to determine who could create the best snow sculpture. Students competed to create the most beautiful and complex creation.

The winners of the contest were juniors Naiya Gonzales Breen, Annabelle Hochberg, Sarah Tapogna, and Clare Pachuta. They formed a sculpture of a frog and a fish in a pond, with intricate details such as fish scales and waves in the pond. The contestants used pencils to make the individual scales for the fish and lily pads for the small pond. The other sculptures were tiny snowmen eating lunch, twin snakes based on the Haribo gummy candy, and a green snowman. 

During the competition, the teams were finding ways to one-up each other’s sculptures. The twin snake team created a new snake den and a third snake to add to the size of their sculpture. The Green Snowman team added a hat to their sculpture and the snowman eating lunch added more food to the plates.

Clare Pachuta said, “We entered the content just to have fun honestly. It can be really difficult to make time to relax in your junior year, so it was nice to have a chance to be artistic and compete with friends.”