Chat ‘n’ Chew With Mr. Berkowitz

Chat ‘n’ Chew With Mr. Berkowitz

Chinemere Njoku, Photography Editor, Sophomore

Principal Berkowitz extended an open invitation for any student to eat lunch together with him if they were free during fifth period on April 7. The purpose of this “Chat ‘n’ Chew” lunch was for students to speak casually with him, School Speech/Language Therapist, Ms. Gerardi, and B.R.I.D.G.E. Academy teachers Ms. Connolly and Mr. Pitrulle, whose classroom hosted this lunch.

“The goal is to connect with students. Spending time together talking about in-school or extracurricular activities is a great way to meet with one another,” Mr. Berkowitz said.

Another Chat ‘n’ Chew lunch took place during period seven on April 28, with additional lunch chats scheduled for May 19 and 26. Berkowitz also hopes that, in future, these can happen twice per month continuing in the fall.

“I had once worked in a school where every student had a common lunch. Here at PMHS, lunch takes place across multiple periods throughout the day. The idea of having a Thursday “lunchtime” that will occur at different times of day, was developed by me as a way of ensuring that I am available to meet with interested/available students in addition to the SA meetings and conversations that I join in support of formally elected student representatives,” Mr. Berkowitz said.

“April 7 was the first session. It was a small crowd but I was glad to connect with those in the room!” It is expected that Chat ‘n’ Chew will continue past this year and that it becomes bigger and more known around the school.