Spanish and French Club Hold an International Picnic


Ms. Lividitis

Spanish and French clubs join forces for an international picnic.

Chinemere Njoku, Photography Editor, Sophomore

The Spanish and French club collaborated, led by advisors and leaders from each club, to create an international  picnic. The event took place on May 24 at right after the end of Academy period, with the clubs sharing many native dishes. The French club brought crepes and Madeline’s, and the Spanish club brought chicken and beef empanadas.

Combined there were about two dozen club members celebrated the cultures represented by their clubs.

Amy Dougherty said, “I have been a member of the French Club for all of high school. This celebration was a great culmination of my time in the club. It was super rewarding to be able to celebrate all our hard work and enjoy one another’s company. I also greatly enjoyed that we were able to collaborate with the Spanish club.”

Club members sat in the breezeway for the picnic. After they were done eating they took turns smashing a piñata. All in all, this was a great example of global heartwarming.