Very Last Minute Costumes

Chinemere Njoku, Photo Editor, Junior

Group costumes are a great way to collaborate with your friends and come together during Halloween. Here are some terrific ideas for dressing up!

One Person: A solo could dress up as a vampire or a fairy 

Two People: A duo could dress up as F1 drivers Charles LeClerc and Carlos Sainz or Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Elvis and Priscilla Pressley, Mario and Princess Peach from the popular video games, or as the Black and White swan from the movie Black Swan

Three People: A trio could dress up as The Three Musketeers or sisters from The Hocus Pocus 

Four People: A group of four could dress up as the Teletubbies, or like you’re in the seventies 

Five People: A group of five could dress up as Power Rangers, Disney Princesses, or the main characters in Wizard of Oz

Six People:  A group of six could dress up as The OG Avengers Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Hulk