PMHS Student of the Month Program


Chinemere Njoku, Photo Editor, Junior

At the advent of this 2022-2023 school year, Pelham welcomed a new program where five students in each grade are nominated for showing Pelham PRIDE each month. These exemplified characteristics of said students include preparation, respect, involvement, determination, and excellence. 

I am extremely grateful that my teachers nominated me as a student of the month,” said freshman Taya Senerchia. “I think this is an excellent way for students to become more engaged with their education. Additionally, I think picking students of the month was successful in making the transition from middle to high school more fluid by connecting students with their teachers early on in the school year. Overall, it was a lovely experience, and I am thankful for my teacher’s support.

“I feel honored for the opportunity to be named with a bunch of wonderful people, shoutout out to Mr. Kopstein for making this happen, and I hope I’m going to keep on getting it and making a change,” said junior Isaiah Graves.

The following students were named September’s students of the month: Lindsay McCormick, Mahnaiel Nagbe, Marilyn Perez, Taya Senerchia, Paul Sisto, Lisette Charlton, Julie Hostomsky, Nicholas Madeira, Daniel Rodriguez, Martha Sofia Yachas, Isaiah Graves, Zachary Hanseley-Ayende, Ben Koff, Julian Santana, Laura Shelton, Scarlet Bratone, Larisa Breskin, Alexis Flippen, Tobias Frei, and Brian Ndoka.