Young Artist Festival: Back And Better Than Ever


Annie Zusin and Peter Viento speaking at YAF 2023

Chinemere Njoku, Photo Editor

This year’s Young Artists Festival, coordinated by Seniors Peter Viento and Annie Zusin, is back and better than ever and making a debut this year with its new name! This year the show will be completely student directed and open to anyone who wants to perform or help behind the scenes. As some may remember, in previous years it was called Young Playwrights Festival (YPF). “This year it has expanded to include more forms of art such as short films, orchestral music, and student art so we felt the name change was necessary,” said Zusin.

Even though they have expanded, short plays are still the focus and will still be there in full force during YAF. However, their goal this year for YAF is to bring in new forms of media and art to the production. “We hope to attract a new audience and have something for everyone,” said Zusin. This year the Directors aren’t expecting much but they are hoping that the changes made this year will continue in the years to come and that YAF will only grow to be bigger and better!

“People interpret things so differently so being able to see how someone may take one script but change into something completely different is mesmerizing. What I’m most excited about this year is to see what everyone brings to the stage and being able to see what people write,” said Zusin. Both leaders are excited for a return to some normalcy. Last year, it was supposed to be in person, but due to scheduling issues not as many people were able to attend.

“We hope to reach as many people as possible this year, fingers crossed we’re able to!”