The Pel Mel

OP ED: Too Many Honor So-SIGH-ities?

Daniela Christian, Sophomore, Photography Editor

November 27, 2018

I’m happy to say that students at PMHS are recognized for all aspects of achievement. But, while it is nice to receive encouragement, is one’s achievement truly unique or even worthy of being singled out if everyone is recognized...

OP ED: Whiting Out White Privilege

Camilla O’Keefe, Junior, Features Editor

November 27, 2018

White privilege, as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, is, “the fact of people with white skin having advantages in society that other people do not have.” Historically, fairer-skinned folks of European descent (Vikings,...

OP ED: Redefining Nationalism – – When Politics Becomes a Dirty Word

Stephen Tahbaz, Junior, Editorial Director

November 27, 2018

The presidency of Donald Trump has been one of the more turbulent chapters in our nation’s history. One consistent theme of his time in office has been his use of non-traditional rhetoric, which has caused a demonstration of...

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