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  • November 7Pelham Alumna Alessandra Biaggi Wins State Senate Seat

  • October 31Pelican Volleyball falls to 4th seed Walter Panas in 3-2 loss

  • October 26Pelican Footballers Finish 2nd in League E, Losing to Pearl River

Point/Counterpoint: In Favor of Juniors Opting Out

Charlotte Edmunds, Junior, Co-Editor-in-Chief

October 31, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Junior year. Two words filled with dread, fear and stress. At its mention, one may think of flurries of ACT practice tests, AP workloads, and the task of building an adequate, well-rounded college application. Students struggle...

Point/Counterpoint: Against Juniors Opting Out

Kate Soifer, Senior, Co-Editorial DIrector

October 31, 2017

Filed under Opinion

In previous years, only seniors on a varsity sport had the opportunity to opt-out of their physical education class during their sports season. However, the athletic office has changed the policy, now allowing both juniors and...

Do Pelicans Really Support Boys and Girls Sports?

Ben Glickman, Junior, Co-Editorial Director

October 31, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Walking through the halls on the Friday before Homecoming 2017, amidst the “onesies”, superheroes and hippies, one might have noticed small stickers that said “Pelicans support boys and girls sports”. These stickers were...

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