Vaping: A Dangerous Trend


Photo by Sophie Xu

As part of the school’s anti-juuling campaign, Physics teachers (rear to front) Mr. Schembari, Mr. DiBello, and Mr. Lindley discourage vaping.

Vaping has become a rampant issue over the past few years, especially among high school students across the nation. In the past, the most widely-used form of tobacco and nicotine was cigarettes. Smoking was a major problem that stuck around for decades, until the FDA began to air commercials scaring and warning the younger generation of the dangers of cigarette use. These preventive efforts made great strides in lowering cigarette usage, the percentage dropping 19% since 2000, according to the Department of Adolescent Health. However, nicotine intake has switched vehicles, as many are now addicted to e-cigarettes. Westchester County is no exception to this trend, as this activity has greatly grown in popularity in the area.

According to a news release from George Latimer, a Westchester County executive, “30 percent of Westchester high school seniors reported vaping in the past month.” According to a study conducted by Yale Medicine, across the nation, 27.8 percent of high school seniors reported that they’d vaped. These statistics prove the widespread use that vaping has enjoyed in the local area surrounding Pelham, however, it remains unknown what effects vaping will have on participants.

When vapes like Juul hit the market, they’re often presented as a healthy alternative to smoking for past cigarette users who wanted to quit. Companies’ marketing campaigns have further targeted teenage customers advertising special vape flavors and making vaping seem like a recreational and fun activity.

There is very little known about the actual health risks of vaping. Though these devices may be presented as harmless, it is very possible that there are major dangers associated with e-cigarette use that will not be known for years. There certainly are many similarities that can be drawn between cigarettes and juuls. However, the amount of nicotine in certain vapes can be comparable to that in a regular cigarette. There have also been reports of explosions due to poor quality batteries. Though a lot of information and research about vapes remains cloudy, students must be wary of the potential harm vaping may have.