Science Research Symposium Held on Gathertown


Grace Condon, Clubs Editor, Junior

On May 25, PMHS Science Research students presented their research to fellow peers and family members at the Symposium. This is an event held to acknowledge all of the hard work students from grades 9 to 12 have put into their projects over the summer and throughout the school year as well as provide research students with experience in presenting to a real audience. Parents and students joined the event and were able to watch students’ presentations and had the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each presentation. 

Traditionally held in person, the Symposium this year was held virtually on a new digital program called Gathertown. Gathertown was introduced this year by Dr. Callahan, the school’s Director of Math and Science. Gathertown allows for virtual spaces to be used more effectively using a map and video calling all in one application and was a great alternative to an in-person event. 

Junior Georgia Russello said, “The Symposium was a great way to share my summer research with classmates and parents within the science research community. I also loved hearing about the work that was being done in other grades!”

“It was lovely and I wish I could have experienced the in-person event!” said freshman Gyan Schloyer. 

There is hope that next year’s Symposium will be able to be held in person.