Return of Mr. Lieber

Ava Paolucci, Features Editor, Junior

Longtime PMHS teacher Mr. Lieber has returned to the building after his leave of absence last year due to Covid.    

“I was in a high risk group for COVID due to my age, and also found the stress of teaching online more than I could manage,” Lieber said.  

Now that school is fully in person, Lieber no longer has to deal with the struggles of Google Meets and half virtual classes. Fully vaccinated, he is finding the days exhausting, but is happy to be back doing what he loves. 

“I missed interacting with my students and colleagues,” Lieber said. 

Teaching Honors Chemistry and AP Environmental Science, the school welcomes Lieber back to the PHMS halls.  

Leaves of absence have been on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic. There have also been a great amount of early retirements, since many teachers feel uncomfortable working in person or are unprepared to handle the struggles of online learning.  

At the beginning of the 2021 school year, there was worry that a teacher shortage would ensue. A survey by Frontline Education showed 60% of superintendents in the suburban areas of New York reported having a teacher shortage. The New York City Department of Education created a requirement for staff to get the vaccine, leading 8,000 employees to be forced into unpaid leave. This growing problem is not horribly affecting PMHS, with almost all who took a leave returning this school year. With the decline in COVID cases and increased vaccinations, along with schools returning to normal, teachers will feel better about returning to school.