Administration Says “Au Revoir!” to French Trip As Travel Cancelled


Ellie O’Sullivan, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Senior

School trips have become a thing of the past it seems. The high school has seen a myriad of cancellations and rescheduling since March 2020, when the Mandarin class’ trip to China was canceled just days before school went fully on-line. Ever since, annual field trips that were once anticipated, have ceased to exist. The latest casualty: the French class.

French students were planning on boarding a plane on the Thursday of February break. They would have spent time traveling to France, seeing famous landmarks, and immersing themselves in the language. Unfortunately, the trip was canceled. Administrators justified the cancellation by citing the spike in global COVID-19 cases and “civil unrest.” Students immediately complained by saying that global Omicron cases were not comparable between January and February numbers. The other complaint being that France is always in a state of civil unrest.

“I was really disappointed to hear about the French trip cancellation,” senior Emma Koonce said. “It felt like something which we had been working towards for so many years was just taken out from under us.”